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University Calendars & Deadlines

Registration Deadlines

Students are notified by e-mail each semester by the Office of Bursar Operations of the date the online fee bill is available on myLSU (Personal Access Web Services - also see the link at the very top of each page of this website). All fees and other University charges are due by the date indicated on the online fee bill. The deadline for registering for classes is the day before fee bills are available. Registering after this date will result in a $75 late fee. You must make your payment or "complete registration" on myLSU by the payment deadline, even if you owe nothing. If you do not meet this deadline, your class schedule will be canceled. When you re-register for your classes after this deadline, you will be required to pay the $75 late fee. New students are not subject to these deadlines for the first semester they are enrolled. The Office of Records and Registration will accept no excuses!

Semester Deadline for Graduation

Deadlines for graduation are posted in the building and are included in the LSU General Catalog and the Schedule of Classes. These deadlines are absolute. All Graduate student forms are available online for both the Master's and Doctoral degrees.

The following paragraphs are brief descriptions of important deadlines:

Final Date for Registering for DEGREE ONLY:
Degree Only is for students who have completed all their degree requirements during the previous semester but missed a deadline. You are eligible to register for Degree Only even if you did not submit an Application for Degree the previous semester.

Final Date for Submitting or Updating APPLICATION FOR DEGREE:
The Application for Degree informs the Graduate School that you are planning to graduate this semester and is available through the Graduate School Forms page.

In all cases, the Request for General/Final Exam must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the exam date. If the exam is requested during the semester you are planning to graduate, the form must be submitted no later than the Graduate School's deadline for exam requests. This form is available through the Graduate School, online, and is used for thesis and dissertation defenses and the Ph.D. general exam.

Final Date for Submitting GENERAL EXAM REPORTS:
The general examination is a degree requirement for Ph.D. students. General Examination Reports are mailed to your major professor from the Graduate School in response to the Request for General/Final Exam (see above).

Final date for submitting PROGRAM OF STUDY:
This deadline is for Ph.D. students who want the current semester to apply toward the doctoral residence requirement.

Final date for submitting COMMITTEE EXAMINATION REPORTS and approved Theses and Dissertations:
If the Request for Final Exam was for the thesis or dissertation defense, the Graduate School will have mailed the Committee Examination Reports and three "Thesis or Dissertation Approval Sheets" to your major professor. This deadline is usually one month before the final exam.

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