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Graduate Handbook: Micellaneous


Students may obtain access to the RNR Building, keys to their office, and laboratories used in their research. To obtain keys or ID access your major professor must make a formal request to the School Director with approval by the Program Leader in your area. Building security depends on all RNR personnel. We have experienced thefts of personal and University property. To prevent such losses, make sure doors remain locked, especially on weekends, and do not prop the outside door open when it is locked.


If available, desks and space will be provided to all graduate students in the School. Desk assignments are normally made by the Space Committee at the request of the major professor. Ideally, the faculty of the School would like to provide a study space for all graduate students, but space constraints have resulted in the following desk assignment priorities:

  1. Full-time Ph.D.
  2. Full-time MS
  3. Part-time Ph.D.
  4. Part-time MS

If a desk is not used regularly and frequently, it may be reassigned. Desk assignments will be made by the Space Committee at the beginning of the fall semester or any time a large number of desks need to be assigned. Although it is generally preferred to leave a student in place once an assignment is made, desks may be reassigned each semester.


All travel at University expense will be under the direct control of the Director and must be approved in advance in writing. All expenses must be paid by the traveler and reimbursement claimed with a travel voucher. Travel expenses may not be charged to the University. Check with your major professor for the current regulations for travel reimbursement before you plan any type of travel. Detailed travel information is contained in PM-13, University Travel Regulations, or is available in the Main Office


If your research is part of a current Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station project, you may obtain supplies from the Science Supply Store, the Central Supply Store, and the Union Bookstore provided that you are authorized by your major professor to purchase the supplies and you have your major professor's customer number. Always check with your major professor for the rules and regulations governing purchases from outside vendors. Sign all receipts with a legible signature, and include appropriate purchase order numbers and your advisor's name in parentheses to aid in processing.


Certain types of material necessary for your research may be copied on the School's copier on the second floor in the mail room with the approval of your major professor. Copying material for personal use must be done on the various public copiers on campus.


The Staff of the Main office and office student workers in the School are willing to answer your questions and assist you with problems related to you educational program. Their jobs do not include typing or copying for graduate students.


You are required to sign out at the Main Office and leave a telephone number where you can be reached before going on each University business trip.

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