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Vehicles and Safety

School vehicles are available for the use of graduate students who have been authorized to drive University vehicles by the Director of the School and are receiving an assistantship, fellowship, or hourly wages. For graduate students, the Division of Administration of the State of Louisiana requires that authorized drivers have a valid Louisiana driver's license or a valid license from their home state and a satisfactory driving record. The student must present these documents to the School's Safety Officer who will recommend authorization if the driving record indicates that the student will not be a "high risk" driver.

All authorized drivers are required to undergo Defensive Driving training at least once every three years.

Sign-out sheets for the School's motor pool vehicles are on the front desk of the Main Office (Room 227). Keys and log books are maintained by the receptionist. When finished with the vehicle, enter any vehicle expenditures (gas, oil, etc., regardless of how payment is handled) and odometer reading in the logbook, and make sure the vehicle is clean and full of gasoline.

Vehicles must be parked in the Agricultural Center parking lot located across the creek from the RNR Building. Any student not following these procedures will lose the privilege of using the School's motor pool vehicles.

Only University employees or University students are authorized to ride in University vehicles!

Although vehicle safety is enhanced by two inspections annually, safety-related problems with vehicles should be dealt with immediately by any driver who becomes aware of the problem. Any unresolved hazardous conditions should be reported to the receptionist when returning vehicle keys to the main office.

For the safety of the occupants and vehicles, all drivers are expected to drive responsibly. Before driving a vehicle, you should check the tires, brakes, and lights.

In the event of an accident, there is an information packet in the glove compartment that contains instructions and priorities. Complete the Accident Report Form included in the packet at the site of the accident, if possible. Inform the School Director and your major professor as soon as possible.

These following forms must be prepared immediately after an accident:

  1. Report of injury (to an employee or student). This is required for insurance purposes and should be prepared with the help of the Assistant to the Director.
  2. Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report. As part of the safety program, this report is prepared by the major professor with the driver's help.
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