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RNR Graduate Handbook

Welcome to Louisiana State University and to the School of Renewable Natural Resources. We think that you will truly appreciate higher education in Graduate School. It can be enjoyable, productive, and rewarding, if you make the most of your opportunities. You are enrolled in Graduate School, and you must fulfill all requirements established by the Dean and the Graduate School for completion of your degree. Faculty in the School of Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) supervise all phases of your academic work and report to the Dean of the Graduate School on your progress. The School has additional requirements that you must meet to graduate. It is your responsibility to become familiar with all regulations and requirements that pertain to your work as an enrolled graduate student.

This Handbook has been prepared to help graduate students and faculty become familiar with the School's requirements and procedures. If you ever need assistance or are concerned about your graduate studies, help is available from your major professor, your Graduate Committee, the Graduate Coordinator, the Director of the School, and ultimately the Graduate Dean. General questions may be answered by personnel in the Main Office (Room 227 RNR Bldg), 225-578-4131. Best wishes for a successful and rewarding stay at the School of Renewable Natural Resources!

Graduate School regulations are published in detail in the General Catalog. A thorough knowledge of these requirements will allow you to avoid needless delays in obtaining your degree. Furthermore, requirements may change during your program; keep current by checking the latest Catalog revision.

revised: 05-Jan-2021 10:55