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Have you ever had a question about how nature works? Have you ever wondered about the structure or function of forestry, wildlife, or fisheries populations, but were unsure who to ask?

We have initiated a new service to direct your natural resources questions to our research or extension faculty in the School of Renewable Natural Resources. This Ask an Expert service is intended be a place to find answers to natural resources questions that you might not have been able to find using other resources.

Over time we will accumulate and make available answers to "frequently asked questions". We would challenge you to try and stump our experts!

To get started...

  1. Fill-in the form below.
  2. Don't forget to choose a subject area (Foresty, Wildlife, or Fisheries)!
  3. Type-in your question.
  4. Fill in the anti-spam answer.
  5. Then click "submit".

Your question will be routed to the expert who can best help you with an answer. Check back to this page too! We will eventually generate a "Frequently Asked Questions" section that will help to inform you!

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