Bret's photo I am a faculty member of wildlife ecology in the School of Renewable Natural Resources at Louisiana State University.

Contact information

School of Renewable Natural Resources          		Office Phone: Deprecated...(I have one, I don't check it, email is best)
Renewable Natural Resources Building RM: 341		Cell Phone:  Email is best
Louisiana State University                      	e-mail: paste("bret", "", sep="@")
Baton Rouge, LA 70803		                    	www: and Twitter: @DrShortSpur

Current Research Program

I like to think my work is focused on wildlife population ecology as my personal interests lie in population demography, focused on sampling design and parameter estimation of mammal and bird populations. I spend some time on spatial modeling, and as much as possible on statistical and computational ecology topics as I find those interesting. I work on mostly game species, especially turkeys, with a suite of state wildlife agencies (LDWF, TPWD, SCDNR, etc.).

Current Teaching

  • Off Spring 2017

    R Packages

    I (try to) regularly update my R package 'moveud' and its not on CRAN so I leave here.

  • moveud: (github/bacollier). R package that creates time-step specific polygons shapefiles from a dynamic Brownian Bridge movement model (R package move) and for a brownian.bridge model (R package BBMM) for export to GIS (if you choose) for further analysis. Draft Vignette (vignette)

    Obligatory professional stuff

  • As I dislike pay for play journals that hide content behind a paywall, I post my stuff here: (My Publications for Free)