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Recent News

Dr. Xu Recipient of G & H Research Award

Congratulations to Yi-Jun Xu, a professor in the School of Renewable Natural Resources who specializes in hydrologic and biogeochemical modeling, on receiving the G & H Seed Company Inc. Research Award. This award recognizes a researcher who has conducted exemplary work in the past five years.

Xu has received more than $5 million in competitive research grants, authored or co-authored 39 peer-reviewed journal articles and taught 16 graduate seminars.

“This recognition comes with a lot of support and effort from many individuals,” Xu said. “Improving and understanding water quality issues is a major task. Louisiana has nearly 500 watersheds and the largest river in North America, the Mississippi. It has several coastal rivers, making Louisiana a very diverse state in terms of hydrology.”

Hydrology Students Awarded Competitive LEEC Grants

Congratulations to MS students Emily DelDuco(left) and Bo Wang (right)! They have won University Research Grants from the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission (LEEC) to support their research.

Emily and Bo will each receive $1,200 for their studies – “Carbon transport and transformation in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya Rivers” and “Assessing sediment availability in the lowermost Mississippi River for Louisiana coastal restoration.” They are both Dr. Jun Xu’s graduate students.

The University Research Grants are awarded to the most competitive proposals by graduate students from all colleges across the state. This year LEEC gave six awards, and our RNR students won two of them!

Lab Participates in 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Hydrology Lab members participating(L-R): Bo Wang, Emily DelDuco, Sanjeev Joshi, and Songjie He

Four graduate students from my lab recently presented their studies at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans (Feb 21-26). The meeting is the world’s largest conference on coastal and ocean research, jointly organized every two years by the American Geophysical Union and American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. This year’s meeting was attended by more than 5000 researchers from all over the world. The presentations made by our students were well received, and they are:

  • Bo Wang - Long-term Sediment Accumulation in Mid-channel Bars of the Upper Reach of the Lower Mississippi River
  • Emily DelDuco - Spatiotemporal Distribution of DOC and DIC in the Atchafalaya River, the Largest Distributary of the Mississippi River
  • Sanjeev Joshi – Assessment of Long-Term Bathymetric and River Stage Changes in the Lowermost Mississippi River
  • Songjie He - Dissolved Strontium and Barium in Fresh and Saltwater: a 2-year Study in the Calcasieu River to the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Katrina: 10 years of Research and Recovery

As the Tenth Anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in South Louisiana approaches, much has been said and written about all aspects of the event and the progress of recovery. Dr. Jun Xu and graduate assistant Sanjeev Joshi have compiled a list of all publications authored/co-authored by LSU faculty since 2005 that are directly or indirectly related to Katrina. The list is 20 pages-long with the titles and authors names of 329 articles (Web of Science indexed). The list is available as a PDF download: In Memory of the 10th Anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina.