Current Lab Personnel

Dr. Yi Jun Xu Jun Xu

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My research has covered a variety of topics including watershed processes, stream and river hydrology, water quality, riverine transport of nutrients and sediment, management effects on physical, chemical and biological conditions of water, application of isotope and spatial techniques in water resources and water quality, and global climate change effects on water resources and biogeochemical cycles. I have conducted my work in North America, Europe, and Asia with study sites spanning from rugged terrain to fluvial floodplains, backwater swamps, and coastal estuaries and wetlands. Typically, I pursue my research using some combination of field experiment and numeric modeling.

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Songjie He Songjie He
Ph.D. student

2013 - M.S.
2013 - present

My doctoral research is to investigate transport and delivery of BTEX, nutrients and carbon from coastal rivers of south Louisiana to the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

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Zhen Xu Zhen Xu
M.S. student

2012 - B.S.
2012 - present

My thesis research focuses on water quality of a shallow urban lake. In addition to water level monitoring, I collect high-resolution dissolved oxygen data and develop a process-oriented DO model.

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Bo Wang Bo Wang
M.S. student

2008 - B. Eng
2011- M. Eng
2015 - present

My current research focuses on sediment availability assessment for the lowermost Mississippi River.

Jeremy Reinman Jeremy Reiman
M.S. student

2013 - B.S. - Purdue University
2016 - present

My thesis research will focus on water quality and hydrology of the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River. Prior to attending LSU I was an environmental planner with regional government in north central Indiana, working to improve water quality in the St. Joseph River Basin.

Rongjie Yang Rongjie Yang
Visiting Ph.D. student

2012 - B.S.
2014 - M.S.
2015 - present at Sichuan Agricultural University

I work in Dr. Jun Xu’s lab for one year and my current research focuses on dissolved carbon and oxygen dynamics in lake and wetland systems.

Skylar Bueche Skylar Bueche
Undergraduate Research Assistant

2016 - present, in the School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University

I work with Dr. Jun Xu’s graduate student, Jeremy Reiman, on a Mississippi-Atchafalaya River water quality project. I recently received a undergraduate research grant and am conducting my own research on the backwater quality of the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Lab Alumni

Sanjeev Joshi Sanjeev Joshi

2007 - M.S.
2014 - 2017: Ph.D.

My prospective doctoral project concerns the issues of continuous land loss in southeast coastal Louisiana. The project's aim is to provide adequate quantitative measurements of the sediments that can be diverted from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers to coastal Louisiana without harming the functional and ecological integrity of these rivers and their floodplain ecosystems.

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Kaci Fischer Kaci Fisher

2013 - M.S.
2014 - 2016

The focus of my research is water quality parameters (such as heavy metals, nutrients, and carbon) in the Atchafalaya River Basin and its headwaters in northern Louisiana, as well as analyzing heavy metals in coastal rivers in southwest Louisiana.


Emily DelDuco Emily DelDuco

2013 - B.S.
2015 - 2017

My research focused on water quality in the lower-most Mississippi River and its largest distributary basin, the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Shuaihu Wu Shuaihu Wu
Visiting Scholar/Ph.D student

2014 - M.S.
Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

My doctoral dissertation focuses on the micro-topography of riverbed in the Yantze River Estuary of China.

Fengping Li Fengping Li
Visiting Scholar/Ph.D student

2010 - B.S.
Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

My doctoral dissertation focuses on the runoff change and its influencing factors (e.g. climate change and human activities) in the Songhua River Basin in the northeast of China.

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Jean Carlos Jean Carlos

2006 - B.S. Environmental Sciences
2015 - 2017


Shuo Yang Shuo Yang
Visiting Scholar

2016 - B.S.
Visiting Scholor, LSU: Aug 2016 - Aug 2017

For a 12-month stay in Dr. Xu's lab, I'll mainly focus on water quality assessment of LSU University Lake and wetland revetment design of several urban parks in Louisiana and Texas.

Yiyan Wang Yiyan Wang
Visiting Scholar

2017 - B.S.
Visiting Scholor, LSU: June 2016 - June 2017

I am a visiting scholar in this lab for 1 year. My research focus is on wetland restoration and I will participate in water quality assessment of University Lake on the LSU campus

Yuyan Zhou-visiting PhD student Yuyan Zhou
Visiting Ph.D Student

2012 – B.S.
2014 – M.S.
October 2016 – October 2017
graduating in June 2018, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Beijing

I will worked in Dr. Jun Xu’s lab for one year and my doctoral research focused on assessment and modeling of the transport and transformation of nutrients in agriculture-dominated watersheds.

Shuwei Zheng-visiting PhD student Shuwei Zheng
Visiting Ph.D Student

2011 – B.S.
2014 – M.S.
December 2016 - December 2017
Graduating June 2018 – at East China Normal University, Shanghai

I worked in Dr. Jun Xu’s lab for one year and my doctoral research investigates the complexity of processes relating to channel morphology and bed material transport of the Yangtze River estuary.

April BryantMason April BryantMason

2008 - M.S.
2008 through 2013 - Ph.D

Current location: Maryland

Chris Brown Khris Brown

2008 through 2010 - M.S.

Current location: Ph.D student at Virginia Tech

THESIS: Effectiveness of Forestry Best Management Practices in Minimizing Harvesting Impacts on Streamflow and Sediment Loading in Low - Gradient Headwaters of the Gulf Coastal Plain. (PDF).

Choi Choi
(on the right)

2006 - Visiting Scholar

Current location: South Korea Forest Service

Abram DaSilva Abram DaSilva

2009 through 2012 - M.S.

Current location: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

THESIS: Water Quality Dynamics of Low-Gradient, Headwater Streams in a Timber-Industry Dominated Watershed in Louisiana (PDF)

Den Davis Den Davis

2008 through 2009 - M.S.

Current location:

Derrick Klimesh Derrick Klimesh

2009 through 2011 - M.S.

Current location: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

THESIS: Spatiotemporal Responses of Macroinvertebrates to Timber Harvesting in Low-Gradient Headwater Streams of Central Louisiana (PDF)

Ryan Mesmer Ryan Mesmer

2008 through 2010 - M.S.

Current location: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

THESIS: Impact of Urban Runoff on Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Dissolved Oxygen in a Shallow Subtropical Lake (PDF)

Dr. Ayed Omary Dr. Ayed Omary
Professor (on the left)

2006 - Fullbright Scholar

Current location: Mutah University, Jordan

Tim Rosen Tim Rosen

2009 through 2013 - M.S.

Current location: Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Maryland

THESIS: Long-term Total Suspended Sediment Yield of Coastal Louisiana Rivers with Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Atchafalaya River Basin and Delta Complex (PDF)

Philip Saska Philip Saska

2005 through 2007 - M.S.

Current location: University of California, Merced

Brad Schneid Brad Schneid

2008 - M.S.

Current location: Auburn University

Adrienne Viosca Adrienne Viosca

2005 through 2007 - M.S.

Current location: Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Fagui Wang Fagui Wang

2005 through 2008 - Ph.D.

Current location: Applied Ecological Services, Inc., Wisconsin

DISSERTATION: Spatial-Temporal Responses of Louisiana Forests to Climate Change and Hurricane Disturbance (PDF)

Kangshen Wu Kangshen Wu

2002 through 2005 - Ph.D.

Current location: Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

DISSERTATION: Long-Term Freshwater Input and Sediment Load from Three Tributaries to Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana (PDF)

Biao Zhong

2005 through 2010 - Ph.D.

Current location: Nanjing Audit University, China

DISSERTATION: Spatial Analyses of Pedosphere Carbon Stock and Sequestration Potential in Louisiana’s Watersheds (PDF)