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Dr. Abigail Bockus

Assistant Professor: LUMCON
Adjunct Faculty: LSU Renewable Natural Resources

phone: (985) 851-2887
email: abockus[at]lumcon.edu

Laboratory website

Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 2016

aquaculture, fish physiology and nutrition

In the Bockus laboratory we use comparative physiology to examine organismal adaptability and species success with environmental change. Our work encompasses analyses from the biochemical to the whole-organism level and provides insight into the physiological mechanisms driving patterns in distribution and ecosystem stability. Research projects address both acclimatory and adaptational responses to a number of biotic and abiotic variables, including temperature, salinity, hypoxia, acidification, and hydrostatic pressure. As ecophysiologists, we rely on field and laboratory analyses and study a variety of marine organisms, such as sharks, coastal and pelagic invertebrates, and fishes.


Recently, the need to ensure food security in a future of changing oceanic conditions and exacerbated global food shortages has expanded our laboratory’s focus. Many of our current research projects focus on enhancing domestic and international aquaculture production through the development of aquafeeds, hatchery operating protocol, and offshore aquaculture siting and technology transfer. We are especially interested in commercial target species for offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico.

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