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Jim Chambers Students, Research Associates, Post Doc's and Visiting Scientists: Past and Present

Current Research Associate
Melinda Hughes

Melinda Hughes

Bottomland Hardwood/Forested Wetlands Research

Water Quality and Best Management Practices

Governor's Science Working Group on Coastal Wetland Forest Conservation and Use.

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Current Students
Previous Students
Yu-Hsin Hseuh

Yu-Hsin Hsueh
M.S. 2015

Thesis: Microtopographic Ecohydrology of a Forested Wetland in Louisiana.

Marcus Rutherford

Marcus Rutherford
M.S. 2015

Thesis: Analyzing Site Suitability for Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) Regeneration Along a Hydrologic Gradient in South Louisiana Swamps.

Denton Culpepper

Denton Culpepper
M.S. 2012

Thesis: Minimizing epicormic branch formation on Louisiana leading commercial bottomland red oaks.

Som Bohora

Som Bohora
M.S. 2012

Thesis: Spatial variability in response of deltaic baldcypress forests to hydrology and climate

Luben Dimov

Luben Dimov
Ph.D. 2005

Dissertation: Oak Competition, growth and vigor in Natural Stands.

Associate Professor at Alabama A&M University
Ecology, silviculture, and management of oaks and other hardwoods

Kenneth Krauss

Kenneth Wayne Krauss
M.S. 1997

Thesis: Intraspecific variation in baldcypress (Taxodium distichum (L.) RICH.): Responses to salinity and potential for restoration of wetlands impacted by saltwater intrusion.

Ph.D. from University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Research Scientist, USGS National Wetlands Research Center, Lafayette, LA


Julia Viviana Horna-de-Zimmerman
M.S. 1997

Thesis: Effects of soil waterlogging on xylem flux density of two bottomland hardwood species.

Ph.D. Thesis, University of Bayreuth, 2001: Carbon release from woody parts of trees from a seasonally flooded Amazon forest near Manaus, Brazil.

William Patterson

William Brown Patterson
Ph.D. 1997

Dissertation: Vegetation, soils, and hydrology of Central Louisiana bottomland hardwood forest types. (co-chaired with Wayne Hudnall)

Assistant Professor of Forestry at Louisiana Tech University

Shufang Yu

Shufang Yu
M.S. 1996
Ph.D. 2002

Thesis: Foliage and crown characteristics of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) six years after thinning and fertilization.

Dissertation: Branch, Crown, Tree, and Stand Water Flux in an 18-year-old Loblolly Pine Planatation after Thinning, Fertilization, and Throughfall Exclusion Treatments

Currently working for the state of Texas.


Jian Sun
Ph.D. 1995

Dissertation: Submergence Impacts On Selected Wetland/Bottomland Tree Species.

James Allen

James Andrew Allen
Ph.D. 1994

Dissertation: Intraspecific Variation In The Response Of Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) Seedlings To Salinity.

Executive Director, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

2009 Alumnus of the Year
LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

Dennis Gravatt

Dennis A. Gravatt
Ph.D. 1994

Dissertation: Physiological Variation In Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) As Related To Crown Position And Stand Density.

Chair, Department of Biology, Stephan F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX

John Brissette

John Closs Brissette
Ph.D. 1990

Dissertation: Root Growth, Root Function, And Water Relations Of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) Bare-Root Seedlings Transplanted Into Different Edaphic Environments.

USDA FS Project Leader, Durham, NH


Heung Seon Choi
M.S. 1990

Thesis: Water Potential Response Variation Among Half-Sib Families Of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) Exposed To Reoccurring Droughts.



Mary Weller Henkel-Morrison
M.S. 1988

Thesis: Effects Of Partial Overstory Removal On Natural And Artificial Regeneration In Bottomland Hardwood Stands.

Currently with USDA Forest Service in South Carolina

Robert Clifton

Robert George Paul Clifton
M.S. 1986

Thesis: Screening Container-Grown Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Seedlings For Growth And Survival Differences Based On Physiological Responses.

Currently with Providence Engineering & Environmental Group LLC in Baton Rouge, LA


Mark Gerard Treacy
M.S. 1984

Thesis: Effects Of Foliar-Applied Salt (NaCl) On Seedlings Of Eleven Half-Sib Families Of Live Oak (Quercus virginiana Mill.)


Michael Wayne Jenkins
M.S. 1983

Thesis: Understory Light Intensity In Bottomland Hardwood Stands As Related To Several Stand Characteristics And Thinning Intensities


Carlos A. Rincon Mautner
M.S. 1980

Thesis: Vegetation Damage Associated With Salt Mining Operations At Avery Island, Louisiana.

Nancy Young

Nancy Lowe Young
M.S. 1980

Thesis: Phenology of Plantation-Grown Cherrybark Oak, Yellow-Poplar, And Sweetgum.

State Resource Conservationist (GS-457-13/04), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Little Rock, Arkansas - October 2006 to Present

2008 Alumna of the Year
LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

Recent Special Assignments:
  • Two month temporary duty assignment through the US State Department at the Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Provided assistance to the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation to streamline their US Debt for Nature grant process. (2008)
  • Three month temporary duty assignment to the US Agency for International Development in Kabul, Afghanistan. Provided forestry planning, project proposal writing, and forestry technical training to personnel of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Food’s Forest and Range Department (2006)
Previous Post-Docs
Hans Williams

Hans Williams, Ph.D.

Worked with flooding and tree growth.

Professor, Author Temple College of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin University.

Reza Rezeshki

Reza Pezeshki Ph.D.

Worked on flooding and salinity effects on hardwoods and baldcypress.

Professor of Biology at University of Memphis

Zhemin "Jamie" Tang

Zhemin "Jamie " Tang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist/LSU Agcenter

Research on Physiological Response to Cultural Practices and Global Change.

Currently with U.S. Homeland Security

Previous Research Associates
Rudy Sparks

Rudy Sparks

Bottomland Hardwood and Cypress-Tupelo Research

Currently, Vice President of Lands and Timber for Williams Inc. in South Louisiana

Chris Stuhlinger

Chris Stuhlinger

Forest Manager
University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Susan Erwin

Susan Erwin

USDA Forest Service - Western U.S.


Joan Caldwell-DeYoung

Forestry Instructor, Mount Hood Community College
Portland, Oregon

Joy Young

Joy Young
Research Associate in Dendrochronology TREE lab

Now a Private Consultant; Forested Wetlands Research

Karen Velupillai

Karen Vellupillai Greenhouse and Nursery Operations

Former Research Associate in Forested Wetlands

Erika Stelzer

Erika Stelzer
Research Associate

Projects included:
Thinning and Acorn Production
Coastal Wetland Forest Sustainability
Baldcypress Growth in Plantations

Wetlands Research Center Lafayette, Louisiana

Previous Visiting Scientists
Behzhi Zhou

Benzhi Zhou

Studied root density changes within loblolly pine stands, under several cultural treatments

Chinese Academy of Science

Kangshen Wu

Kangsheg Wu

Kansheng worked on loblolly pine productivity study prior to starting and completing a Ph.D. in Forest Hydrology degree under Dr. Xu in our School. He is now teaching in Canada.

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