Brandon L. Edwards

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Coastal and floodplain geomorphology

Aeolian processes

Coastal and floodplain hydrology

Remote sensing of coastal and wetland environments

Anthropogenic modifications to natural systems



PhD 2013 Geography, Louisiana State University

MS 2006 Geography, Louisiana State University

BS 2003 Geography, Louisiana State University



American Geophysical Union

Association of American Geographers

Coastal Research and Education Foundation

Sigma Xi


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Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Renewable Natural Resources

Louisiana State University AgCenter

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: 225-578-0996

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My background is in coastal, aeolian and floodplain geomorphology, coastal and wetland hydrology, and remote sensing. These skills have allowed me to fill a niche in the department that readily complements more traditional ecological research. I was invited to join the FWEL team as a researcher in 2011 while still still working on my PhD with Dr Steve Namikas in LSU Geography & Anthropology. Since finishing my degree in 2013 I have moved to a full time position with RNR and have led or collaborated on a variety of projects ranging from process-based studies and modeling of fundamental geomorphic, hydrologic and micrometeorological processes to broader scale investigations of system-wide variability and change, the latter largely focused on critical environmental management issues. In general, my research focuses on studying geomorphic and hydrologic processes to better understand landscape development, the role of physical processes in ecosystem function and services, and how hydrologic and geomorphic modifications drive change. I frequently use remote sensing/GIS applications to address these general questions. Currently, I am under contract through the department as a Coastal Geomorphologist with the US Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Lab working on projects to improve coastal management and restoration strategies. Other current and recent research lines include, among others: energy balance, evaporation and soil moisture on beaches; modeling aeolian transport thresholds; Geomorphic response to anthropogenic modifications and associated ecological response on large rivers; ecogeomorphic feedbacks in managed wetlands; and coastal forested wetland condition.



Cypress-tupelo swamp near Bayou Pigeon, LA. One of the most stunning ecosystems on the planet. Note the water line on the trees…

I still cant figure out which type of office I prefer…