Erin Johnson

Graduate Assistant

School of Renewable Natural Resources

Louisiana State University





Little Rock, Arkansas


Education               _

BS 2012 Environmental Science, University of Central Arkansas


Research Interests  

        Hydrology of wetlands and watersheds

        Hydraulic modeling of large rivers and wetlands

        Hydrological interactions in large rivers and wetlands

        Ecosystem interactions in large rivers and wetlands

        Diversity and productivity within floodplain ecosystems


Thesis Work________


Topic: Floodplain hydrology of the southern portion of the White River


Significance: Hydrologic changes within the watershed have impacted the floodplain ecosystem. Water levels in the floodplain are a key part in species composition and ecosystem production.


Research Questions/Objectives:

        How accurate is the HEC-RAS model in predicting water depths in the floodplain?

        How could different hydrologic scenarios on the floodplain impact vegetation composition?