What it's like to be a Graduate Student in my Lab

For what it’s worth, follow this link to my generic advice to potential graduate students. Regarding what it’s like to be a graduate student in my lab, I pretend it’s wonderful but you better check with current and former graduate students:

Mgill14[at] Madeline Gill. M.S. in progress.  
Consequences of Phragmites dieback in coastal Louisiana
Abeaud4[at] Aimee Beaudette. M.S. in progress.
Onset and extent of Phragmites dieback[at]the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Sgrah16[at] Scott Graham. M.S. in progress.
Marsh vertical accretion in managed marshes.  (Co-chairing with Dr. Sammy King)
Abooth19[at] Ashley Booth. Ph.D. in progress.
Marsh vertical accretion processes.  (Co-chairing with Dr. Sammy King).  
anthony.rietl[at] Anthony Rietl. Ph.D. 2016. Vegetation Influences Microbial Community Structure and Methane Emissions in Southeastern Louisiana Wetlands. Ph.D. Dissertation
pattonb[at] Brett Patton. M.S.2016. Living on the edge: an assessment of the habitat use of waterbirds in estuarine wetlands of Barataria Basin, LA. M.S. Thesis
laurenraesullivan[at] Lauren Sullivan. M.S. 2015. If you build it, what will come? Assessing the avian response to wetland restoration in the Mississippi River Bird’s Foot Delta through multiple measures of density and biodiversity. M.S. Thesis
james.ialeggio[at] James Ialeggio. M.S. 2014. Direct and indirect effects of nutrient and salinity manipulation on coastal Louisiana wetland vegetation: herbivory and flooding stress as a function of fertilization
ascaroni[at] Amy Scaroni. Ph.D. 2011. The effect of habitat change on nutrient retention and removal in the Atchafalaya River Basin. Ph.D. Dissertation.
vanessadtobias[at] Vanessa Tobias. Ph.D. 2010. Developing tools to identify factors that limit production in coastal marshes. Ph.D. Dissertation
joconne1[at] Jessica O’Connell. M.S. 2006. Coastal Marsh Restoration Using Terraces: Effects on Waterbird Habitat in Louisiana’s Chenier Plain. M.S. Thesis
ccannaday[at] Chris Cannaday. M.S. 2006. Effects of Terraces on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Shallow Marsh Ponds in Coastal Southwest Louisiana. M.S. Thesi
sborde7[at] Seth Bordelon. M.S. 2005. Effects of White-Tailed Deer Herbivory on the Growth and Survival of Seedlings in a Coastal Wetland Forest. M.S. Thesis
Barret_Fortier[at] Barrett K. Fortier. M.S. 2004. Mortality of pen-raised white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) released on three areas in Louisiana. M.S. Thesis
aaron[at] Aaron B. Caldwell. M.S. 2003. Terraces and coconut mats affect submerged aquatic vegetation and seed diversity, density, and biomass on Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. M.S. Thesis
cwinsl1[at] Christian J. Winslow. M.S. 2003. Estimation of waterfowl food availability in freshwater marshes of the gulf coast joint venture area in Louisiana and southeast Texas. M.S. Thesis
Joy.Hunter[at] Joy J. Hunter. M.S., 2001. Relative effects of season waterfowl herbivory and marsh management on Submersed Aquatic Vegetation in a tidal non-saline marsh. M.S. Thesis (at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
John.Foret[at] John D. Foret. M.S. 1997 (co-Chair with R.R. Twilley). Accretion sedimentation and nutrient accumulation rates as influenced by manipulations in marsh hydrology in the Chenier Plain Louisiana. M.S. Thesis (at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Thomas_McGinnis[at] Thomas E. McGinnis II. M.S. 1997. Factors of soil strength and shoreline movement in a Louisiana coastal marsh. M.S. Thesis (at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette)