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Composite Engineering Lab

Laboratory Mission
  • To support continued advances in the science and technology of composite materials derived from natural resources; and
  • To promote transfer of the new development to industry and government organizations in Louisiana, the nation and the world.
Laboratory Facilities
Facilities Available on LSU Campus
    • LSU MCC - Material Characterization Centrr (MCC)
    • LSU CAMD - Center for Advanced Microstructures & Devices (CAMD)
Laboratory Services
    Contract work on composite product testing/development is being conducted on a fee basis.
    Our lab services include:
  • Raw material (flake, particle, fiber, resin) processing and characterization.
  • Wood composite manufacturing and testing.
  • Thermal/mechanical analysis of composite materials.
  • Composite interface analysis.
  • Composite durability analysis against decay, termite, moisture, fire,....
  • Composite panel design and warping analysis. WARP SOFTWARE!
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