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Durability Analysis (IAS Certified Wood Durability LAB!)

  1. AWPA E1-06 Standard Method of Laboratory Evaluation to Determining Resistance to Subterranean Termites
  2. ASTM D 3345-74 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Evaluation of Wood and Other Cellulosic Materials for Resistance to Termites
  3. AWPA E7-01 Standard Method of Evaluating Wood Preservatives by Field Tests with Stakes
  4. ASTM D 1758-02 Test Method of Evaluating Wood Preservatives by Field Tests with Stakes.
  5. AWPA E10-01 Standard Method of Testing Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil-Block Culture
  6. ASTM D 1413-99 Test Method for Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil block Cultures
  7. AWPA E11-06 Standard Method of Determining the Leachability of Wood Preservatives
  8. AWPA E12-94 Standard Method of determining Corrosion of Metal in Contact with Treated Wood
  9. AWPA E16-98 Standard Field Test for Evaluation of Wood Preservatives to be Used Out of Ground Contact: Horizontal Lap-Joint Method
  10. AWPA E22-07 Standard Accelerated Laboratory Method for Testing the Efficacy of Preservatives Against Wood Decay Fungi Using Compression Strength
  11. AWPA E23-07 Accelerated Method of Evaluating Wood Preservatives in Soil Contact
  12. AWPA E24-06 Standard Method of Evaluating the Resistance of Wood Product Surfaces to Mold Growth
  13. AWPA EXX-XX Anti-Sapstain Field Test Method
  14. ASTM D143-94 Standard Test Methods for Small Clear Specimens of Timber
  15. ASTM D1037-99 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
  16. WDMA TM-1-94 (06) Test Method to Determine Preservative Effectiveness in Preventing Wood Decay
  17. WDMA TM-2-99 (06) Test Method to Determine the Water-Repellent Effectiveness of Treating Formulations
AWRA Decay
AWPA Termite Jar Test
Termite Tower Test
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