Louisiana Plant Identification: Plant List
Wetland Indicator Status

Western Gulf Region imageThe National Wetland Plant List (NWPL) represents a collaborative effort between four Federal agencies, under the administrative responsibilities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to update and administer the national list. In a several-year effort, the NWPL was updated for nomenclature, taxonomy, and wetland ratings for 7828 species across the United States and territories. The wetland ratings represent the frequency of occurrence of a plant species in a wetland and are used in direct support of the Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, the Swampbuster provisions under the Farm Bill, and the National Wetland Inventory Program. The NWPL is used mostly in conjunction with wetland delineation protocols. It is also used to support wetland restoration and mitigation efforts and as an indicator to measure various environmental conditions. Updating the NWPL was a national effort involving Federal, state, academic, and public sectors. [source: Abstract, ERDC/CRREL TR-12-11]

Wetland Indicator Categories estimate the probablity of a plant being found on a site classified as a wetland. The reported categories for each species are for the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain (AGCP) region. Seven of the species listed on this site have a different status in the Western Gulf Coast (WGC) subregion of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain. These are listed on the individual species pages, where applicable.

NOTE: Effective 1 June 2012 the National Wetland Plant List (NWPL) has been finalized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We have made the List available both as a PDF, and as an .xlsx spreadsheet. The downloads are available below:

Wetland Indicator Status
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Obligate Wetland (OBL) almost always occures under natural conditions in wetlands
Facultative Wetland (FACW) usually occurs in wetlands, but may occur in non-wetlands
Facultative (FAC) occurrs in wetlands or non-wetlands
Facultative Upland (FACU) usually occurs in non-wetlands, but may occur in wetlands.
Obligate Upland (UPL) almost never occurs in wetlands
varies (varies) wetland designation varies by species of this Genus, and location
undefined ( --- ) no wetland designation for the AGCP, and/or exotic* species

Obligate Wetland Species
Carya aquatica OBL Juglandaceae waterhickory
Carya x lecontei OBL Juglandaceae bitter pecan
Cephalanthus occidentalis OBL Rubiaceae buttonbush
Chamaecyparis thyoides OBL Cupressaceae Atlantic white cedar
Cliftonia monophylla OBL Cyrillaceae buckwheat tree
Crataegus opaca OBL Rosaceae mayhaw
Eichhornia crassipes OBL Pontederiaceae water hyacinth
Forestiera acuminata OBL Oleaceae swamp privet
Fraxinus caroliniana OBL Oleaceae Carolina ash
Fraxinus profunda OBL Oleaceae pumpkin ash
Nyssa aquatica OBL Cornaceae tupelogum
Nyssa biflora OBL Cornaceae swamp blackgum
Planera aquatica OBL Ulmaceae planertree
Quercus lyrata OBL Fagaceae overcup oak
Salix nigra OBL Salicaceae black willow
Saururus cernuus OBL Saurucaceae lizard's-tail
Taxodium ascendens OBL Cupressaceae pondcypress
Taxodium distichum OBL Cupressaceae baldcypress
Toxicodendron vernix OBL Anacardiaceae poison sumac

Facultative Wetland Species
Alnus serrulata FACW Betulaceae hazel alder
Amorpha fruticosa FACW Fabaceae false indigo
Arundinaria gigantea FACW Poaceae river cane
Betula nigra FACW Betulaceae river birch
Brunnichia ovata FACW Polygonaceae ladies’ ear-drops
Celtis laevigata FACW Ulmaceae sugarberry
Clethera alnifolia FACW Clethraceae pepperbush
Cyrilla racemiflora FACW Cyrillaceae white titi
Fraxinus pennsylvanica FACW Oleaceae green ash
Gordonia lasianthus FACW Theaceae loblolly bay
Ilex cassine FACW Aquifoliaceae dahoon holly
Ilex coriacea FACW Aquifoliaceae sweet gallberry
Ilex decidua FACW Aquifoliaceae deciduous holly
Ilex glabra FACW Aquifoliaceae gallberry
Ilex verticillata FACW Aquifoliaceae winterberry
Illicium floridanum FACW Illiaceae starbush
Itea virginica FACW Iteaceae Virginia-willow
Leucothoe axillaris FACW Ericaceae downy leucothoe
Lindera benzoin FACW Lauraceae spicebush
Lyonia lucida FACW Ericaceae fetterbush
Magnolia virginiana FACW Magnoliaceae sweetbay magnolia
Morella caroliniensis FACW Myricaceae southern bayberry
Persea palustris FACW Lauraceae red bay
Pinus elliottii FACW Pinaceae slash pine
Pinus glabra FACW Pinaceae spruce pine
Platanus occidentalis FACW Platanaceae American sycamore
Quercus laurifolia FACW Fagaceae laurel oak
Quercus michauxii FACW Fagaceae cow oak
Quercus pagoda FACW Fagaceae cherrybark oak
Quercus phellos FACW Fagaceae willow oak
Quercus similis FACW Fagaceae delta post oak
Quercus texana FACW Fagaceae Nuttall oak
Rhapidophyllum hystrix FACW Arecaceae needle palm
Rhododendron canescens FACW Ericaceae wild azalea
Sabal minor FACW Arecaceae palmetto
Sesbania drummondii FACW Fabaceae rattlebox
Sesbania herbacea FACW Fabaceae coffeeweed
Smilax laurifolia FACW Smilacaceae laurel greenbrier
Trachelospermum difforme FACW Apocynaceae climbing dogbane
Vaccinium elliottii FACU Ericaceae Elliott’s huckleberry
Viburnum nudum FACW Adoxaceae possumhaw
Vitis riparia FACW Viticeae river grape

Facultative Species
Acer negundo FAC Sapindaceae boxelder
Acer rubrum FAC Sapindaceae red maple
Acer saccharinum FAC Sapindaceae silver maple
Ampelopsis cordata FAC Vitaceae heartleaf peppervine
Ardisia crenata FAC Myrsinaceae Christmas berry
Baccharis halimifolia FAC Asteraceae eastern baccharis
Berchemia scandens FAC Rhamnaceae rattan
Bignonia capreolata FAC Bignoniaceae cross-vine
Campsis radicans FAC Bignoniaceae trumpet creeper
Carpinus caroliniana FAC Betulaceae bluebeech
Carya cordiformis FAC Juglandaceae bitternut hickory
Cocculus carolinus FAC Menispermaceae Carolina snailseed
Cornus drummondii FAC Cornaceae roughleaf dogwood
Crataegus marshallii FAC Rosaceae parsley hawthorn
Diospyros virginiana FAC Ebenaceae persimmon
Euonymus americanus FAC Celastraceae strawberry bush
Gleditsia triacanthos FAC Fabaceae honeylocust
Halesia diptera FAC Styracaceae two-wing silverbell
Hypericum hypericoides FAC Hypericaceae St. Andrew’s cross
Ilex opaca FAC Aquifoliaceae American holly
Ilex vomitoria FAC Aquifoliaceae yaupon
Ligustrum sinense FAC Oleaceae Chinese privet*
Liquidambar styraciflua FAC Altingiaceae sweetgum
Lonicera japonica FAC Caprifoliaceae Japanese honeysuckle*
Lygodium japonicum FAC Lygodiaceae Japanese climbing fern*
Magnolia grandiflora FAC Magnoliaceae southern magnolia
Morella cerifera FAC Myricaceae waxmyrtle
Nekemias arborea FAC Vitaceae peppervine
Nyssa sylvatica FAC Cornaceae blackgum
Pinus palustris FAC Pinaceae longleaf pine
Pinus taeda FAC Pinaceae loblolly pine
Populus deltoides FAC Salicaceae eastern cottonwood
Quercus michauxii FAC Fagaceae cow oak
Quercus nigra FAC Fagaceae water oak
Quercus shumardii FAC Fagaceae Shumard oak
Sabal palmetto FAC Arecaceae cabbage palm
Smilax bona-nox FAC Smilacaceae saw greenbrier
Smilax glauca FAC Smilacaceae cat greenbrier
Smilax rotundifolia FAC Smilacaceae common greenbrier
Symplocos tinctoria FAC Symplocaceae sweetleaf
Tillandsia usneoides FAC Bromeliaceae Spanish moss
Toxicodendron radicans FAC Anacardiaceae poison ivy
Triadica sebifera FAC Euphorbiaceae Chinese tallow tree*
Ulmus americana FAC Ulmaceae American elm
Ulmus rubra FAC Ulmaceae slippery elm
Vitis rotundifolia FAC Vitaceae muscadine
Zanthoxylum clava-herculis FAC Rutaceae Hercules club

Facultative Upland Species
Aesculus pavia FACU Sapindaceae red buckeye
Amelanchier arborea FACU Rosaceae downy serviceberry
Aralia spinosa FACU Araliaceae devil's walking-stick
Asclepias variegata FACU Asclepiadaceae while milkweed
Asimina parviflora FACU Annonaceae dwarf pawpaw
Asimina triloba FACU Annonaceae pawpaw
Broussonetia papyrifera FACU Moraceae paper mulberry*
Callicarpa americana FACU Verbenaceae French mulberry
Carya cordiformis FACU Juglandaceae bitternut hickory
Carya glabra FACU Juglandaceae pignut hickory
Carya illinoinensis FACU Juglandaceae sweet pecan
Chamaecrista fasciculata FACU Fabaceae partridgepea
Chionanthus virginicus FACU Oleaceae fringetree
Clitoria mariana FACU Fabaceae butterfly pea
Eupatorium album FACU Asteraceae dog fennel
Fagus grandifolia FACU Fagaceae American beech
Fraxinus americana FACU Oleaceae white ash
Galactia volubilis FACU Fabaceae milkpea
Gelsemium sempervirens FACU Loganiaceae yellow jessamine
Hamamelis virginiana FACU Hamamelidaceae witch-hazel
Juniperus virginiana FACU Cupressaceae eastern redcedar
Kalmia latifolia FACU Ericaceae mountain laurel
Liriodendron tulipifera FACU Magnoliaceae yellow-poplar
Lonicera sempervirens FACU Caprifoliaceae coral honeysuckle
Maclura pomifera FACU Moraceae Osage-orange
Morus rubra FACU Moraceae red mulberry
Ostrya virginiana FACU Betulaceae eastern hophornbeam
Oxydendrum arboreum FACU Ericaceae sourwood
Parthenocissus quinquefolia FACU Vitaceae Virginia creeper
Paspalum notatum FACU Poaceae bahia grass
Pinus strobus FACU Pinaceae eastern white pine
Prunus caroliniana FACU Rosaceae cherrylaurel
Prunus serotina FACU Rosaceae black cherry
Pueraria lobata FACU Fabaceae kudzu*
Quercus alba FACU Fagaceae white oak
Quercus falcata FACU Fagaceae southern red oak
Quercus hemisphaerica FACU Fagaceae Darlington oak
Quercus virginiana FACU Fagaceae live oak
Rhamnus caroliniana FACU Rhamnaceae Carolina buckthorn
Sassafras albidum FACU Lauraceae sassafras
Sorghum halepense FACU Poaceae Johnsongrass
Styrax grandifolia FACU Styracaceae bigleaf snowbell
Tilia americana var. caroliniana FACU Tiliaceae Carolina basswood
Toxicodendron pubescens FACU Anacardiaceae poison-oak
Ulmus alata FACU Ulmaceae winged elm
Ulmus parvifolia FACU Ulmaceae Chinese elm*
Vaccinium arboreum FACU Ericaceae tree huckleberry
Vaccinium darrowii FACU Ericaceae evergreen blueberry
Viburnum dentatum FACU Adoxaceae arrow-wood

Upland Species
Catalpa bignonioides UPL Bignoniaceae southern catalpa
Cercis canadensis UPL Fabaceae eastern redbud
Cinnamomum camphora UPL Lauraceae camphor tree*
Cornus florida UPL Cornaceae flowering dogwood
Juglans nigra UPL Juglandaceae black walnut
Melia azedarach UPL Meliaceae Chinaberry*
Paulownia tomentosa UPL Paulowniaceae empress tree*
Quercus stellata UPL Fagaceae post oak
Rhus copallinum UPL Anacardiaceae winged sumac
Robinia pseudoacacia UPL Fabaceae black locust
Smilax pumila UPL Smilacaceae dwarf greenbrier
Viburnum rufidulum UPL Adoxaceae rusty blackhaw

Wetland Designation Varies by Species/Location
Ambrosia sp. varies Asteraceae ragweed
Crataegus sp. varies Rosaceae hawthorn
Desmodium sp. varies Fabaceae beggar lice
Dichanthelium sp. varies Fabaceae panic grass
Eupatorium sp. varies Asteraceae joe-pye weed
Rosa sp. varies Rosaceae rose*
Rubus sp. varies Rosaceae dewberry (blackbery)
Solidago sp. varies Asteraceae goldenrod
Verbena sp. varies Asteraceae ironweed
Vicia sp. varies Fabaceae vetch
Vitis spp. varies Vitaceae wild grape
Wisteria sp. varies Fabaceae wisteria
Juncus sp.  varies Juncaceae rush
Lespedeza sp.  varies Fabaceae lespedeza

No Wetland Designation (Undefined, or Exotic Species*)
Acer floridanum --- Sapindaceae Florida maple
Acer rubrum var. rubrum --- Sapindaceae Drummond red maple
Albizia julibrissin --- Fabaceae mimosa*
Andropogon sp. --- Poaceae bluestem
Aronia arbutifolia --- Rosaceae red chokeberry
Asclepias tuberose --- Asclepiadaceae butterfly milkweed
Carya tomentosa --- Juglandaceae mockernut hickory
Castanea pumila --- Fagaceae chinkapin
Cayratia japonica --- Vitaceae bushkiller*
Ceanothus americanus --- Rhamnaceae New Jersey tea
Cedrus deodara --- Pinaceae deodar cedar*
Centrosema virginianum --- Fabaceae spurred butterfly pea
Croton capitatus --- Euphorbiaceae woolly croton
Cycas revoluta --- Cycadaceae sago palm*
Ditrysinia fruticosa --- Euphorbiaceae candleberry
Elaeagnus pungens --- Elaeagnaceae Russian olive*
Erythrina herbacea --- Fabaceae coral bean
Firmiana simplex --- Sterculiaceae Chinese parasoltree*
Ginkgo biloba --- Ginkgoaceae ginkgo*
Koelreuteria bipinnata --- Sapindaceae goldenrain tree*
Lagerstroemia indica --- Lythraceae crapemyrtle*
Lespedeza bicolor --- Fabaceae bicolor lespedeza
Ligustrum lucidum --- Oleaceae tree ligustrum*
Magnolia macrophylla --- Magnoliaceae bigleaf magnolia
Malus angustifolia --- Rosaceae southern crab apple
Mimosa microphylla --- Fabaceae sensitivebriar
Nerium oleander --- Apocynaceae oleander*
Osmanthus americanus --- Oleaceae devilwood
Phoradendron serotinum --- Loranthaceae American mistletoe
Pinus echinata --- Pinaceae shortleaf pine
Pinus x sondereggeri --- Pinaceae Sonderegger pine
Pinus virginiana --- Pinaceae Virginia pine
Pleopeltis polypodioides --- Polypodiaceae resurrection fern
Podocarpus macrophylla --- Podocarpaceae Japanese yew*
Poncirus trifoliata --- Rutaceae trifoliate orange*
Pyrus calleryana --- Rosaceae Bradford pear*
Quercus acutissima --- Fagaceae sawtooth oak*
Quercus incana --- Fagaceae bluejack oak
Quercus laevis --- Fagaceae turkey oak
Quercus marilandica --- Fgacaeae blackjack oak
Quercus velutina --- Fagaceae black oak
Rhus glabra --- Anacardiaceae smooth sumac
Rhynchosia reniformis --- Fabaceae dollarleaf rhynchosia
Rhynchosia tomentosa --- Fabaceae velvetleaf rhynchosia
Salix exigua --- Salicaceae sandbar willow
Sambucus nigra --- Caprifoliaceae elderberry
Smilax smallii --- Liliaceae lance-leaf greenbrier
Stylosanthes biflora --- Fabaceae pencilflower
Tephrosia spicata --- Fabaceae brownhair tephrosia
Tephrosia virginiana --- Fabaceae goat's rue
Tillandsia recurvata --- Bromeliaceae ball moss
Vernicia fordii --- Euphorbiaceae tung-oil tree*
xCupressocyparis leylandii --- Cupressaceae Leyland cypress
Yucca filamentosa --- Liliaceae bear grass