evergreen blueberry
Vaccinium darrowii
  • ALTERNATE COMMON NAME: Darrow's evergreen blueberry
  • LEAVES: alternate, simple, evergreen; small leaves, variably colored; margins thickened, revolute margins
  • FLOWER: small, white, waxy, bell-shaped; early spring
  • FRUIT: blueberry, 4-6 mm diameter
  • TWIGS:
  • BARK: smooth to shreddy
  • FORM: small, 1 foot tall
  • HABITAT: pinelands
  • WETLAND DESIGNATION: Facultative Upland (FACU): Usually occurs in non-wetlands, but may occur in wetlands of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Plain Region
  • RANGE: Georgia to Texas
  • USES: mammals and birds eat fruit; moderate quality deer browse
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. evergreen
    2. small shrub
    3. fruits in late spring

    NOTE: Foote & Jones (see the sources page for complete reference) places this species and four others all into highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum); this species complex consists of diploids, tetraploids, and hexaploids, with no firm differences.