royal paulownia
Paulownia tomentosa
  • FAMILY: PAULOWNIACAE (formerly Scrophulariaceae)
  • ALTERNATE COMMON NAME: empress tree
  • LEAVES: opposite, deciduous, simple; cordate to three-lobed; 8-10 inches; long petioled; pubescent below
  • FLOWER: tubular, two-lipped lobes; purple to blue in color; vanilla scent
  • FRUIT: capsule, 2-3 valved, brown, woody
  • TWIGS: thick branches
  • BARK:
  • FORM: rounded crown; course texture; suckers and sprouts
  • HABITAT: best on well-drained soils
  • WETLAND DESIGNATION: Obligate Upland (UPL): Almost never occurs in wetlands of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Plain Region
  • RANGE: native of China; found throughout the south
  • USES: ornamental; wood valuable if grown slowly; potential for pulp
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. leaves cordate to three-lobed; 8-10 inches
    2. tubular flowers, purple to blue in color