trumpet creeper
Campsis radicans
  • LEAVES: opposite, odd-pinnately compound, deciduous; 7 or more slightly toothed leaflets
  • FLOWER: large, trumpet-shaped orange; flowers in June to August
  • FRUIT: capsule, 10 to 20 cm, splits into two halves; numerous flat seeds
  • TWIGS:
  • BARK:
  • FORM: high-climbing vine; thick, fleshy nodal roots; no tendrils; very aggressive, will over-top and damage or kill trees
  • HABITAT: moist ridges and well drained flat; requires full sun
  • WETLAND DESIGNATION: Facultative (FAC): Occurs in wetlands or non-wetlands of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Plain Region
  • RANGE: eastern US
  • USES: deer browse young stems; ornamental; serious pest in pine plantations
  • Brief Recognition Features:
    1. large, trumpet-shaped, reddish orange flowers
    2. opposite, odd-pinnately compound leaves
    3. high climbing vine; nodal roots; no tendrils