tree ligustrum
Ligustrum lucidum W.T. Aiton
  • ALTERNATE COMMON NAME: glossy privet
  • LEAVES: evergreen, opposite, simple, blades ovate to elliptic, to 4.5” long by 2” wide, tips acute to acuminate, margins hyaline, surfaces glossy
  • FLOWER: bisexual, showy white to cream-colored in many-flowered panicles terminating shoots of the season; flowering in spring
  • FRUIT: globose black drupe ca. 0.3” broad
  • TWIGS: glabrous
  • BARK:
  • FORM: multi-trunked shrub to small tree, to ca. 20’ tall
  • HABITAT: persistent at and spreading from old home sites; mesic forests including high sites in bottomland hardwoods, mesic hardwood flatwoods, and other mesic forests
  • RANGE: native to southern China; naturalized in southeast U.S., also known from California [County Range Map]  [Global Map]
  • USES: ornamental; wildlife cover; many birds use seed
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. opposite, elliptic, dark green, glossy leaves
    2. dense clusters of black fruit