turkey oak
Quercus laevis
  • LEAVES: alternate, simple, deciduous; 4-8 inches, deep sinuses, 3 slender lobes; lustris above, glabrous below with axillary tufts
  • FLOWER: monoecious, catkins
  • FRUIT: acorn 3/4-1.0 inch; bowl shaped cap covers 1/3 of the acorn
  • TWIGS: holds the leaves so that the blade is arranged vertically
  • BARK: on old trees, very rough and nearly black
  • FORM: small tree
  • HABITAT: well-drained sandy ridges and flatwoods
  • RANGE: coastal plain from Virginia to Florida to eastern Louisiana; sea level to 500 feet
  • USES: rough wood; wildlife food
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. deep sinuses, slender lobes
    2. blade is arranged vertically
    3. sandy ridges and flatwoods