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The Wildlife Society Goes to Hawaii!

RNR Students attend the 18th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society in Hawaii. The photos are up on the Gallery page. Results of the Student Presentation Competitions will be available soon, so check back!

Fall 2011: The RNR Grad Student Draft

Do you know your fellow grad students? And what the heck are they doing??? To answer these very questions, a humorous look at the insiders view of each lab group was presented at an RNR Grad student meet-and-greet held the first week of October of this Fall 2011 semester. Have a look at the "Fall 2011 RNR Graduate Student Draft" and get to know your RNR Team!

Commitment, Rigor, And a Touch of MacGyver --
So, You Want to Be a Grad Student?

Grad Student?Blake Grisham (former RNR Grad Student, MS Wildlife Management, December 2007, Dr. Mike Chamberlain) crawled from under the Texas Tech field house—his home for three months each year while he does fieldwork. He was soaked, tired, and covered in what appeared to be bits of rat carcass. His undergraduate technicians looked at him expectantly. “Is the water fixed?” one of them courageously asked. “Maybe,” Blake replied, doubtful after yet another attempt to get water to the dilapidated structure. Towns are few and far between on the Texas Southern High Plains, and all the plumbers he called refused to drive an hour and a half each way for the job. The same two thoughts he’d had for the past six years echoed through his head: “What did I get myself into?” and “Man, I love this job.”

Welcome to the often unpredictable life of a graduate student.

Read more about the real experiences of a Grad student and what you can expect if you are considering Graduate School. His advice ( and that of his co-authors) was part of an article written for the Wildife Society as part of their "Professional Development" series. The article is here for download, and is great food-for-thought.

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