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Sprin 2019 Seminar Schedule

RNR Seminar

FOR DOWNLOAD: RNR Spring 2019Seminar Schedule (pdf) revised: 14 January 2019

Wednesdays, 11:30 am - 12:20 pm; coffee and cookies at 11:20 am
Room 142 RNR Building
16 Jan Dr. Gary Kendrick
University of Western Australia

Demographic and genetic connectivity: the role and consequences of reproduction, dispersal and recruitment in seagrasses
23 Jan Dr. Abigail Bockus

Farming Wild: using comparative physiology to enhance aquatic production
6 Feb Laura Carrell
Clinical Pharmacist
Policy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Descriptions, Difficulties, and Dangers of Plant-derived Medications
20 Feb Dr. Shannon Martin

An Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of Barataria Basin
27 Feb Dr. Frank Tsai

Louisiana Groundwater Study and Complex Groundwater Modeling
13 Mar Dr. Ryann Rossi

Understanding multiple stressors in coastal ecosystems: from mangroves to marshes
20 Mar
Dr. Tracy Hawkins

27 Mar Dr. Camille Stagg

3 Apr
Nga Nguyen

Analyzing and sharing your spatial RNR research with Earth Engine
10 Apr
Steven Apfelbaum
Applied Ecological Services

The measurement and comparison of grazing practices with advanced technologies

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