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Spring 2017 Seminar Schedules

RNR Seminar

FOR DOWNLOAD: RNR Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule (pdf) revised: 1 March 2017

Wednesdays, 11:30 am - 12:20 pm; coffee and cookies at 11:20 am
Room 142 RNR Building
1 Feb Andy Nyman, PhD
Professor, School of Renewable Natural Resources, LSU

Studying Interactions among Stressors, Resources, and Edges to Improve Coastal Wetland Restoration
15 Feb Shirley Laska, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of New Orleans and
Natalie Peyronnin, Director of Science Policy, Mississippi River Delta Campaign
Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, DC

Expert Recommendations for Operating a Successful Sediment Diversion that Balances Ecosystem and Community Needs
22 Feb Jeff Duguay, PhD
Research and Survey Program Manager, LDWF

A Management Approach to Creating Nocturnal Habitat on the Wintering Grounds for the American woodcock
8 Mar Alexander S. Kolker, PhD
Associate Professor, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium

The Flow of Water and Sediment in a Complex System: Implications for Landscape Stasis and Change
22 Mar Paige Schmidt, PhD
Zone Biologist, USFWS

The Role of Science in the National Wildlife Refuge System Using Examples from Eastern Oklahoma and Texas
29 Mar Jack Montoucet
Secretary (i.e. Chief), Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

New Priorities: An Update on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
19 Apr
Luke Browne
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University

Umbrellabirds and Ocelots and Palm Trees, Oh My: Community-based Conservation and Research in the Rainforests of Ecuador
26 Apr
Keith Hernandez
College of the Coast and the Environment, LSU

Sex-specific Patterns and Prey Consumption of California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) Revealed by Genetic Analysis

LSU Museum of Natural Science Seminar

LSU Museum of Natural Science Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule (PDF)

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