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Congratulations to Madelyn Smith (B.S. in Natural Resources Ecology and Management) She was recently selected as Outstanding Junior for all of LSU by the LSU Chapter of The Society of Phi Kappa Phi.  Madelyn is pictured in center with Dr. Regina Leingang (left) and Dr. Mike Kaller (right) representing Phi Kappa Phi. Jack Montoucet, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, speaks to faculty and students in a visit to RNR Cassie Skaggs (RNR graduate gtudent of Dr. Kevin Ringelman) and Jackie Satter (2015 RNR Graduate) are studing the impacts of oil and gas extraction on nesting frequency and success at the Bakken Shale area, North Dakota. Cassie Skaggs (front) and Jackie Satter (back) taking measurements for the study on the impacts of oil and gas extraction and other disturbances on nesting frequency and success at the Bakken Shale area, North Dakota. This is OUR office!  Where is yours?  Cassie Skaggs(green shirt) and Jackie Satter (teal shirt) get to the site for the study on the impacts of oil and gas extraction and other disturbances on nesting frequency and success at the Bakken Shale area, North Dakota. A joint field trip for ENTM/RNR 7030 and ENTM 4005 to the Feliciana Preserve to collect aquatic insects. [Photo courtesy of Dr. Mike Kaller] Travel to Mozambique: RNR 4061 Students get their open water Dive Cerificates Mozambique: RNR 4061 student Brandy Malbrough heads down to complete dive skills Mozambique:  RNR 4061 Students talk science as they learn about community-based aquaculture and techiques in marine data collection NREM student-athlete Jesse Stallings hosted faculty member Mike Kaller for the LSU-Alabama baseball game through the Faculty Guest Coach program RNR 4061 in Mozmabique: Underwater wonders RNR 4061 in Mozambique: Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

This Week in RNR

    11:30 am, Wednesday, 26 April 2017
    Room 142 RNR, coffee and cookies at 11:20 am
  • Keith Hernandez
    College of the Coast and the Environment, LSU
    Sex-specific Patterns and Prey Consumption of California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) Revealed by Genetic Analysis

Traditional Graduate Fellows Grant Awarded

RNR Faculty member, Dr. Sabrina Taylor, recently received a Traditional Graduate Fellows Grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents to increase the quality and diversity of graduate students entering the School’s Graduate Program.

Any RNR faculty member who provided information for the proposal can nominate a student for this fellowship. One PhD student will be selected by a committee to receive $30,000/year and a tuition waiver for four years. Nominated students with high GPAs & GREs, research experience, good letters for reference, and who increase the School’s diversity will be considered highly competitive.

The fellowship will begin in the Fall 2018 semester. Dr. Taylor will make every effort to extend this funding by submitting grant proposals in subsequent years.

RNR Grad Student Wins Distinguished Dissertation Award

Kunlin Song(right), a recent PhD graduate from RNR (under the direction of Dr. Qinglin Wu, left) is the recipient of this year's LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation Award in Science, Engineering & Technology with his dissertation: Application of Biomass in Nanocomposites and Drilling Fluids.

The winning dissertation demonstrated a mastery of research techniques, ability to do original and independent research, and skill in formulating conclusions that in some way enlarge upon or modify accepted idea and most importantly contribute to knowledge.

In 2015, Kunlin won a prestigious second place Wood Award given to the best graduate research papers by the Forest Products Society. Kunlin’s work has been published in Fuel, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Colloids and Surface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, and Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering.

Congratulations, Kunlin!

Research Matters - Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 edition of Research Matters is now available. Download your copy and catch-up on happenings in School of Renewable Natural Resources.

  • Highlights of ongoing student and faculty research projects
  • Recollections of experiences during the August 2016 Flood
  • What is happening in the classroom: Hands-on experience for students
  • Six NREM Degree Programs Receive Accreditation from the Society of American Foresters
  • International travel experiences for Students
  • Graduate Student news
  • Faculty Highlights

2017 Student Research Grant Awarded

Vitek Jirinec, Grad Student in RNRCongratulations to Vitek Jirinec, a recipient of the 2017 Student Research Grant from the Animal Behavior Society. The $1,500 grant along with a $4,000 Conservation Grant he received from the Neotropical Bird Club a few weeks earlier will cover supplies for his research in the Brazilian Amazon.

Vitek is a Ph.D. student in Dr. Phil Stouffer’s lab studying microhabitat requirements of tropical understory birds and how those relate to documented bird declines over the last few decades. The research requires external funding to collect data from sensors placed both on birds and their environment.

Annual Ring and
Forestry Symposia Digitized

Editions of the Annual Ring (1938-1980) and the LSU Forestry Symposia (1952-1985; 1996) have been digitized, and are available as PDFs.

Earlier this year we had the historic School yearbooks, The Annual Ring, and the LSU Forest Symposium series digitized. There are many great pictures in the yearbooks, but most do not identify who’s in the picture. We would like to encourage each of you to browse the yearbooks and let Dr. Rutherford know when you recognize someone. Over time, we would like to add names to the photos.

The historic symposia was published from 1952 until 1985 and again in 1996 cover diverse forestry-related topic from well-known forest professionals of their day.

To access copies of The Annual Ring go to The Annual Ring

To access copies of the LSU Foresty Symposium go to LSU Forestry Symposium

-- Quick News --

  • 1st Quarter 2017 Timber Tales is now available. The details and a link to the newsletter are available on our Extensions page.
  • RNR Faculty and Students share their personal stories about rescue efforts druing the Flood of August 2016. Read a couple of stories from the front lines on our Flood 2016 page
  • WEBSITE UPDATE: Links to the LSU Graduate School website have been updated. If you still find a broken link, let us know. Thanks. rnrweb@lsu.edu
  • The Student Chapter of Society of American Foresters (SAF) has a way to keep you informed, share their news and events, and keep in touch: They have a Facebook page. LIKE their page, and keep up with all the latest! Support your local (student) Foresters!
  • Marine Field Techniques in Mozambique, Africa

    Get all the details of this story on our Student News page.

    Study Abroad in Swaziland

    Get all the details of this story on our Student News page.

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