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This Week in RNR

    11:30 am, Wednesday, 22 April 2015

    Room 142 RNR, coffee and cookies at 11:20 am
    Catherine Normand
    MS graduate student, Arkansas Tech University (and RNR Alumna)

    Presentation: Feral cat disease prevalence, survival, and multiscale habitat use in an exurban landscape

Taxol: Old Cancer Drug, New Formula

For the past eight years, Professor Zhijun Liu of LSU’s AgCenter has been focusing on a chemotherapy drug called Taxol, used to treat ovarian and breast cancer. It’s a potent drug, and the body struggles to dissolve and absorb it. Liu is looking for ways to fix that.

Dr. Liu was recently interviewed about his work by local Louisiana Public Broadcasting Station, WRKF -89.3FM. An article, and a recording of the interview are available online as part of the Louisiana's Perscription series: here.

Xi Sigma Pi Has A Busy Spring

2015 Xi Sigma Pi Initiates

On 28 March 2014, five students were initiated (left to right): Arnand Mishra, Whitney Kroschel, Mary Grace Lemon, Fan Zhang, and Shannon Kidombo. Congratulations to our newest members!

James DonovonRegional Xi Sigma Pi Scholarship: Another Congratulations goes to undergraduate member James Donovan. He won second place in the 2015 Regional Xi Sigma Pi Scholarship Competition. James represented LSU to compete against applicants from seven other universities in the West Central region. James will receive a check for $500. Congratulations, James!

LSU has been doing very well in receiving this prestigious award, winning seven times in the last thirteen years. Recent winners are:

  • 2015: James Donovan (2nd place)
  • 2014: Kasie Dugas
  • 2012: Benjamin Hogue
  • 2010: Lauren Smith
  • 2009: Ian Stone
  • 2006: Matthew Reed
  • 2004: Angela Secott

Apple Pie Seminar: As part of the chapter's yearly tradition, the Apple Pie Seminar was presented on 18 March 2015. Mr Warren Peters, a 1981 BSF graduate of the (then) LSU School of Forestry and Wildlife Management, was the featured speaker. As President of Peters Forest Resources, Inc, he spoke about the "Career Opportunities and Professional Development in the Forestry and Wildlife Industry". Warren gave valuable advice based on his perssonal experience and responded to questions abuot good curriculum choices and personal enrichment activities that would help current students in the working world. Thanks to Warren for the excellent insights.

Xi Sigma Pi, forestry honor society, was founded at the University of Washington on November 24, 1908. The objectives of Xi Sigma Pi are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for the improvement of the forestry profession, and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest. Currently, Xi Sigma Pi has expanded its objectives to include honoring the academic achievements of students in fisheries, environmental, and wildlife sciences.

Springtime brings problems for fish ponds

BATON ROUGE, La. – Many Louisiana ponds experience partial fish die-offs during the spring due to a combination of disease and low oxygen stress, according to LSU AgCenter aquaculture specialist Greg Lutz.

“Overcrowding, over-feeding or over-fertilizing almost always compound these problems,” Lutz said.

Low temperatures during winter force fish into a state of slow motion in which they eat very little, and their immune systems respond very slowly.

“When temperatures begin to rise in the spring, disease-causing organisms, already naturally present in a pond, can get the upper hand on fish that are in a weakened state,” Lutz said.

Stress caused by abrupt temperature fluctuations, such as many parts of the state experienced in the past several months, often aggravates fish health problems by further suppressing immune responses, he said.


-- Quick News --

  • Shrimpers, crabbers learn new regulations at the Louisiana Firheries Forward meeting in March. The meeting was organized by the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant. Details are available on the LSU AgCenter's News page.
  • Pests, liability, family dynamics were featured at forestry forum. Forest landowners heard the latest updates on invasive species and other issues of importance in their industry at the Florida parishes forestry forum on March 20 in Hammond. Details about the forum are avialable on the AgCenter's News page.
  • 1st Quarter 2015 Timber Tales is now available. The details and a link to the newsletter are available on our Extensions page.
  • RNR students participated in the 58th Southern Forestry Conclave hosted by Mississippi State University. The Team from RNR did well and the photos are posted on our Gallery page! Congratulations on a job well done!
  • Arborist Workshops 2015: The early 2015 schedule for Arborist Workshops and other learning opportunities has been updated, and registrations are open. For more information, see our Workshops page.
  • The Student Chapter of Society of American Foresters (SAF) has a new way to keep you informed, share their news and events, and keep in touch: They now have a Facebook page. LIKE their page, and keep up with all the latest! Support your local (student) Foresters!
  • Follow Dr. Stouffer on sabbatical as a Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania: via his Flickr Feed

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