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Alumni Careers

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Dr. James A. Allen
1994, Ph.D. Forestry
Jamie Amato
MS Graduate Student Jamie Amato
Dr. H. Michael Barnes
Ronald R. Bielefeld
1993, MS Wildlife
Dr. Bob G. Blackmon
1969, PhD (Forest Soils)

Troy W. Blair
Francois Buldoc
2002, PhD, Wildlife
David Byrd
Supervisory Biological Scientist

Rex H. Caffey
Rex Caffey
Carrie Castille
2006, Ph.D.
Carrie Castille
Claire R. Coco
Facility Manager
BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center Claire Coco
Jose-Checo Colon-Gaud
2003, MS
Glenn Constant
Fisheries Biologist
Antoinette (Toni) DeBosier
1997, BSF; 2000, MS Forestry
Leah Delahoussaye
2015, BS NREM
Leah Delahoussaye
Dr. Luben Dimov
2004, PhD Forestry
Lincoln Dugué
2015, MS Watershed Science
Christopher A. Dupuy
1999, MS
Scott Durham
Matt Engel
Fisheries Biologist
Steve Fischer
District Manager
Barret Fortier
2000, BS; 2004, MS Wildife
Barret Fortier
Louis C. Heaton
1974, BSF
Louis C. Heaton
Mark Hebert
1993, BSF
Robert Helm

Howard L. Helms
1967, BSF

Dave Hickman
Andrea Hoover
Biological Technician
Dr. Michael Kaller
2005, PhD
Dr. Michael Kaller
Ricky Kilpatrick

Kayla Kimmel
BS 2006, Wildlife Biology
MS 2009, Fisheries ScienceKayla Kimmel
Suna Adam Knaus
1988, BS F & WM
Ken W. Krauss
1997, MS Forestry
Wei Li

Jeb Linscombe

Tory Mason
Fisheries Biologist
Mike Meador

Steve Meadows
1979, BSF; 1981, MS

Randy Meyers

Alex Michalek
2003, MS
Brad Miller
1999, MS Fisheries Mgmt

Vivian Hebert Miller

Fred Monzyk
Assistant Project Leader
Keith Ouchley
Executive Director

Clint Pace
2018, BS NREMClint Pace
Colette Pansini
2018, BS NREMColette Pansini
Katie L. Percy
2007, BS
Katie L. Percy
Michael Peters
1992, MS Wildlife Ecology
Bryan Piazza

Brian Piazza
Christopher S. Reid
1997, BSF

Rachel Rollason Reyna
1996, BSF
Ken Richkus

Raymond J. Sauvage
1987, BSF
Jeff Sibley
Fisheries Biologist

Gregg Snedden
Doctoral Candidate
Michael L. Szymanksi
2004, MS Wildlife
Rafael Cuevas Uribe
Ph.D. 2011 Rafael Cuevas Uribe
Kyle Van Why
Wildlife Disease Biologist
Barry Wilson
Christian Winslow
2001, BS Wildlife; 2003, MS Wildlife
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