Text Box: Working on the Lake Taiping, Taiwan 
(left to right, me & Patty Yu. Photo by Chiag-Hwa Lin) 
About me

Graduate Assistant in Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Area of interests: Eco-Hydrology, forest degradation, water stable isotope, swamps
Contact via yhsueh1 at tigers.lsu.edu




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Current work

I am interested in finding the survival mechanism of trees
in a degraded swamp.






Here is an abstract of my current project:
Rising sea level and lengthening hydroperiod are threats to coastal ecosystems. Forests at the margin of permanently flooded conditions are at risk for conversion to marshes or open water by prolonged flooding or saltwater intrusion. Hummock and hollow terrain, which is characterized by interspersed high-elevation and low-elevation areas, is common at the edge of many forested wetlands where they transition to marshes. Moreover, trees are primarily restricted to hummocks within these systems. We used stable isotopes and salinity to trace the source of subsurface water and learn the role of hummocky terrain in hydrologic exchange and how trees might survive periodic salinity. The study site in the Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana, USA, has micro-tidal influence from Barataria Bay near the Gulf of Mexico.

Key words: microtopography, hummock/hammock/tree island, forested wetland, saltwater stress, water stable isotope, baldcypress-tupelo swamp, water balance, eco-hydrology, precipitation-dominated wetland.


2009 Graduate Assistant, LSU AgCenter, USA

2007-2008 Research Assistant, Research Center for Biodiversity, Academia Sinica, Taiwan 

2007 Executive Editor, Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA).  

2007 Assistant, National Red Imported Fire Ant Control Center, Taiwan

2005 -2006 Assistant Designer, Tai-gen Landscape Planning & Design Co., Ltd., Taiwan

2005 M.S. Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University  

2003 B.S.  Forestry (Silviculture), National Taiwan University  

2002 Summer Research Student, North Carolina State University    



2002 Presidential Award, National Taiwan University  

2009 Gilbert Foundation Fellowship  

2009 Xi-Sigma-Pi Honor Society  

2010 NPS George Melendez Wright Climate Change Fellowship  



Using Stable Carbon Isotope and Black Carbon to Infer Possible Major Vegetation Type Dynamics in Ta-Ta-Chia Area, Central Taiwan.” (2005) Master’s Thesis, National Taiwan University.  

Y.H. Hsueh, B.T. Guan, M.K. Wang, P.N. Chiang, & S.T. Lin. 2006. Using Stable Carbon Isotope to Infer Possible Major Vegetation Type Dynamics at Ta-Ta-Chia, Central Taiwan. Quarterly Journal of Chinese Forestry, 39(4): 449-458.    

Y.H. Hsueh, Y.X. Lan, J.-W. Tsai, J.-T. Wu, W.-C. Liu, F.-P. Lin,H.-M. Chou, C.-Y. Chiu. 2010. Stratification and Mixing Regime of the Yuan-Yang Lake, Chi-Lan Shan, Taiwan. Quarterly Journal of Chinese Forestry, 43(4):635-646.