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Cypress Tree in Cocodrie
RNR 2031
PRINCIPLES TO WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT (3) S. Wildlife conservation and management; ecology and management of wildlife in relation to the objectives of consumptive and non-consumptive interest groups.
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RNR 3108
CASE STUDIES IN HABITAT RESTORATION (2) F. Principles related to the context, planning, design, and implementation of habitat restoration and mitigation; evaluation of habitat restoration efforts using the case studies method.
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RNR 4020
TAXONOMY AND ECOLOGY OF WETLAND PLANTS (4). Taxonomy, ecology, distribution, and economic significance of wetland plants in Louisiana.
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RNR 4101
INTEGRATED NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (4). (co-instructor) Development of problem solving skills for the management of renewable natural resources; application and integration of renewable natural resource management theory, policy and practices; analyses of management and policy decisions.
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RNR 7017
RESTORATION AND MANAGEMENT OF WETLAND FUNCTIONS (4) F-E 2 hrs. lecture, 4 hrs. lab. Two weekend field trips; one five-day field trip. Transportation Fee. Wetland ecology with a focus on functions valued by society; natural history of commonly managed wetland types; fundamentals of restoration ecology; wetland restoration programs in theory and in practice. Students are responsible for paying for travel expenses associated with this course.
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Dunes Beach Rio Grande