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Dr. Christopher S. Reid


Room 216, RNR Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

phone: (225) 578-0783
email: creid4@lsu.edu

2016 Doctor of Philosophy: Plant Biology
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
2000 Master of Science: Biology
University of Louisiana at Monroe
1997 Bachelor of Science in Forestry: Forest Management
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge


  • RNR 2001 – Trees and Woody Plants of the Southeastern United States
  • HORT/RNR 2900 – Horticultural Botany
  • BIOL/RNR 4020 – Taxonomy and Ecology of Wetland Plants
  • RNR 4060 – Upland Plants

As a botanist, my main role is teaching plant identification courses to build botanical skills and to expand ecological awareness in RNR students. Taxonomically, I am a generalist with broad knowledge of the flora and vegetation of the southeastern coastal plain.

I am particularly interested in grasses and sedges, and native grasslands. My recent efforts have focused on conservation of Louisiana’s coastal prairie. This work has included research of the flora and vegetation of prairie remnants and application of stewardship actions such as prescribed burning and chemical and mechanical control of encroaching brush.


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