Dr. Kevin Ringelman


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Dr. Kevin Ringelman
Assistant Professor

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I am a broadly trained ecologist whose research lies at the intersection of animal behavior, ecology, and conservation. My research focuses on North American waterfowl, which are arguably the best studied group of birds in the world and a model system for wildlife management. The massive knowledge base accumulated for waterfowl is not only vital for informing harvest management and conservation, but I would also argue that it allows us to ask ecological questions that are too broad to or too nuanced to be answered in other systems. In general, I am interesting in projects that attempt to link processes (e.g., the behavior of individual animals) to the population- and community-level patterns that are relevant for waterfowl conservation.

Cassie Skaggs Cassandra Skaggs
M.S. Student

Cassie graduated from the University of Georgia, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources in 2011. Her research interests include the integration of adaptive management as a way to allow science to guide land management decisions in waterfowl ecology and wetland ecosystems. Her continued dedication and enthusiasm for conservation and management of natural resources has led to a diverse background in wetland, herpetofauna and avian ecology work. Cassie has served for a variety of agencies including the University of Georgia, the Georgia General Assembly, University of North Dakota, United States Geological Survey, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Here at LSU, Cassie will be studying the effects of oil and gas development on waterfowl nesting ecology in the Bakken region of North Dakota. In her free time, she enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and exploring national and state public lands. Interesting fact: In 2012, Cassie was the first person to implant a radio transmitter into a bufflehead duck (Bucephala albeola) while studying their breeding range expansion in Minnesota.

Lizzi Bonczek Lizzi Bonczek
Ph.D. Student

Lizzi graduated from the University of Maryland in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. Over the past three years she’s clocked thousands of miles driving across the country to work on various waterfowl projects. Lizzi’s research interests include breeding ecology, migration, and connectivity between breeding and wintering grounds. She’s also fascinated with using telemetry as a way to gain insight into these topics. Her graduate research will focus on the breeding ecology of mottled ducks in southwest Louisiana. Lizzi enjoys reading, hunting, yoga, and live music, and has a soft spot for the Arctic

Jacob Bushaw Jacob Bushaw
M.S. Student

Jacob graduated from Valley City State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and Biology. He has worked for many different organizations, including Delta Waterfowl, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, and the Florida Wildlife Service. At LSU, Jacob's research will focus on the use of UAV-Mounted Thermal Imaging Cameras to Study Canvasback Nesting and Predator Abundance. Some of his hobbies include, hunting, fishing, playing sports, and watching the Green Bay Packers play.

Catrina Terry
M.S. Student

Catrina graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology. Over the last few years she has gained valuable experience working with numerous waterfowl species on internationally important wintering and nesting grounds. Catrina’s research interests include waterfowl productivity and understanding how habitat quality impacts the annual cycle of waterfowl. At LSU, Catrina is investigating invertebrate abundance and duckling use of wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region. Catrina enjoys hiking, hunting, birding, running, and spending time with her dog.