Bottomland: site 15
Pitcher Plant Bog #2
Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Kisatchie National Forest
Winn District
Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

This area is classified as a Western Hillside Seepage Bog by the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program (LNHP). It is located on Strange Road, off Louisiana Highway 479 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. Compare this site with Bottomland: site 13, also a Western Hillside Seepage Bog, in Vernon Parish, Louisiana. Of particular interest in this This orchid is rarely found in the forest in Louisiana. Other species found on this site, but difficult to spot on the image are: meadow beauty (Rhexia sp.), bog buttons (Lachnocaulon digynum), and rattlesnakemaster (Erygium aquaticum)

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has more information about the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program (LNHP) and the classification of Natural Communities of Louisiana.