bear grass
Yucca filamentosa
  • ALTERNATE COMMON NAMES:  Spanish dagger, Spanish bayonet
  • LEAVES: linear-lanceolate; persistent; evergreen, spine-pointed; stringy (filiferous) margins
  • FLOWER: white, bell-shape, 1.75”, pyramidal clusters; stalks 2-3 feet tall
  • FRUIT: capsule 1” long; seldom fruits due to lack of the pollinator, yucca moth
  • TWIGS:
  • BARK:
  • FORM: stemless, leaves from the root collar
  • HABITAT: dry, sandy, upland soils
  • RANGE: coastal plain, southeast US; New Jersey to Florida to Texas
  • USES: hanging meat, leaves very strong
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. spine tip
    2. large pyramidal cluster of flowers on stalk

    NOTE: 3 other species of Yucca found in Louisiana