Osmanthus americanus
  • LEAVES: opposite, simple, evergreen; shiny green, rolled margin; leaves in "propeller" arrangement
  • FLOWER: small inconspicuous, white to greenish; bell-shape; February to March
  • FRUIT: drupe; dark blue, globose; 1/2 inch long; on jointed fruiting stalk; persistent through following year
  • TWIGS: leaf scar elevated; ring of bundle scars
  • BARK: grayish brown; exfoliating scales expose reddish inner bark
  • FORM: small to medium tree, 30-40 ft
  • HABITAT: moist to dry sites; wide range
  • RANGE: coastal plain, southeast US
  • USES: ornamental; wood is fine-textured, hard to split, hard to work, hence “devilwood;” squirrels, turkey, song-birds eat the fruit
  • Best Recognition Features:
    1. leaves opposite, shiny green, lanceolate
    2. shrub or small tree
    3. evergreen, persistent, olive-like fruit; on jointed stalks